Personal Training

CZ Academy is the coaching part of CZ. We specialize in a wide field of training. Everyone has their own special needs when it comes to training. Get a coach that will understand those needs and will give you the perfect training plan fit for your lifestyle.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is defined as a decrease in body fat. The best way to achieve this is through putting the body in a calorie deficit whilst combining with HIIT and weight training. The diet will be worked out spesifically to clients macros(carbs, proteins, fat)

Sport Injury Rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation treats a range of conditions including acute sport injuries, strains, sprains, muscle, tendon and ligament repair. This training program will get you back to return to play and will focus on strengthening the muscles around the injury

Competition Preparation

Competition prep is not for the faint of heart. This program will be highly intense and a very strict diet. Your mindset has to be right before embarking on this journey but if will change you physically and both mentally.

Other Services Offered

Pilates, Boot Camps, Toning, Sport Conditioning

  • Goal Specific Training
  • Training from home or gym
  • Weekly check ins with progress photos
  • Video tutorials to demonstrate exercise
  • 24/7 Love and Support
  • Nutrition Preferences
  • Competition preperatoin

Seamlessly catered to your every need

All these services are offered through Online training. 

Using the Trainerize app

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