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Our CZ Lifestyle boxes will be launching soon. 

Keep your eye on the website and Instagram page for updates. 


Lifestyle Box

The fitness industry is growing at a fast pace. Everyone wants to either lose weight or gain muscle, because of this there are fitness companies popping up everyday with new and innovating ways of simplifying your everyday life. On the other hand, how will you stay updated with any up and coming fitness related companies? The Lifestyle box by CZ. – write that down, save the number and place an order.

The lifestyle box is here to keep you updated with the latest trends the market has to offer and at the same time helping up and coming brands as well as existing brands get out there and help you on a day to day basis. Whether it is the  latest apparel to keep you looking great while training or the latest healthiest snacks so you can fill your macros the CZ way. You definitely need to know about it.

If you are not in the fitness industry but a family member or friend is and you want to spoil that person. This is your solution.

We have a choice of 2 boxes – a male box (Fit for a king) and a female box (Fit for a Queen) this is based on our ‘Become The Lion’ project. Helping individuals become the best they can be and teaching you that you can be anything you set your mind to. 

The box will be custom made to your lifestyle and preferences each month. Please create your account and fill in all the questions when subscribing.

Your Options Are

– A single box (the one that releases the month of order)

– Three months with discount

– Six Months with more discount

-12 months with the most discount.

Keep your eye on CZ as we run specials at the most unexpected times. The box walks hand and hand with CZ academy. So we will include specials on personal training from time to time as well. 

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